Citius Pharma

We are a company specialized in consulting, planning, design & performance of strategies to support research and launch of Orphan Drugs OD, included Advance Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMP) in Spain.

We work with a multidisciplinary approach and with a high degree of specialization in the pharmaceutical sector, which includes regulatory, market access, commercial, legal, administrative and compliance aspects.

Our know-how has been developed, in Management and Executive positions, in different national and international companies through the last 35 years, focusing the last 20 in the area of Orphan Drugs.


Citius Pharma is focused in advice & performs the plan & actions needed to launch and market Medicines in Spain and specially Orphan Drugs, included Advance Therapies Medicinal Products

In a global market, we have a solid knowledge of the industry and the regulation that allows us to advise national and international companies in a multidisciplinary way, making the resources of our team available to our clients


All regulatory procedures that must be done in Spain related with Orphan Drugs and treatments of Rare Diseases

Contact with Spanish Drug Agency (AEMPS) and Ministry of Health

Market access

P&R procedures related with Orphan Drugs and treatments of Rare Diseases

Guidelines and access to expert committes in the different regional health services

Market Research

Studies of the incidence and prevalence of Rare Diseases

Identification of the diagnostic centers in Spain

Identification of key hospitals for the housing/administration of different Orphan Drugs

Contact KOL's

Identification of the main KOL’s for each Rare Disease

Educational activities to support KOL’s


Marketing plans, including e-Marketing activities

Launching plans

Rare Diseases awareness campaign/educational program


Design of selling strategy

Frequency call plans

Stratification of target


Contracts & agreements

Debt follow up and claiming procedures

Plans for Criminal Enforcement. (Criminal Compliance)

Research Support

Identification of research projects

Feasibility analysis


Staff Selection

We facilitate the selection process of the most suitable professionals to your business profile


Juan G. Ferrero

Partner & Director Citius Pharma


José A. Molina

Legal Partner Citius Pharma


Transito Olay

Partner Citius Pharma

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